Moda Sampler Block Shuffle Block 7-9


Hey Everyone!

I'm slowly catching up on these blocks. I need to take some photos soon of them and my new quilt project I'm working on for here (if you aren't following me on Instagram).

Here are the next blocks for this week.

Block 7

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block07

Block 8

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block08

Block 9

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block09


I'll put all the blocks up together at the end along with the PDF's for the setting etc.



Moda Sampler Block Shuffle


Hey Everyone!
Sorry I've been away Emma had the flu :(

Anyway just wanted to remind everyone the Moda Sampler Block Shuffle has begun!

A lot of shops are participating in this and if you haven't seen it yet I'll be posting the block patterns here too. :)
I"m late and hopefully will be starting later today but here are the first 3 blocks you can download:

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block01

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block02

Download My_sampler-shuffle-block03

These are great for mini charm packs or leftover jelly roll strips.

Here is the (approximate) schedule of which I'll be posting the blocks on here. Since I am behind because of Emma being ill, blocks 4-6 will be posted tomorrow.

Please join?? :)

  • October 30 – Blocks 1-3
  • November 6 – Blocks 4-6
  • November 13 – Blocks 7-9
  • November 20 – Blocks 10-12
  • November 27 – Blocks 13-15
  • December 4 – Blocks 16-18
  • December 11 – Blocks 19-21
  • December 18 – Blocks 22-24
  • December 25 – NO new blocks posted – CHRISTMAS
  • January 1 – Blocks 25-27
  • January 8 – Blocks 28-30